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Guide to Poshmark

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How Do I Ship My Item Once It's Sold?

  • First of all, congrats on your sale!

  • step 1

    step 1

    Once your item sells, choose your preferred delivery option in the app.

    • Package Pickup If you want to have your package picked up and delivered by Sendle, choose Package Pickup.

    • Package Drop Off If you want to drop off your package at the nearest Sendle location, choose Package Drop Off.

    Once you select, you’ll receive the pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label of your choice. Print it out and attach it to your package.

  • step 2

    step 2

    When packaging your sale, be sure to use recyclable packaging materials and a size appropriate box or mailer.

    • Sendle does not deliver packages that are larger than 1.2m in length.

    • Our shipping labels do not support packages over 5kgs.

  • step 3

    step 3

    After your sale is packaged up, depending on what you selected in the app, drop it off at the nearest Sendle location or place it outside.

    Want to change your shipping option? Head over to the Account Tab > My Sales > Need New Shipping Label.

Questions? Head over to the Support Center for full details.